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Bottled Water Coolers and Crocks

Mount Doug Springs, Victoria's local bottled water delivery company has a unique approach to providing coolers and crocks to our clients. Sure, we rent them, but once the original price has been paid for, we stop charging the rental fees. We run a more "rent to own" plan for our clients which will ensure that you are not paying over and over and over for your cooler like you do with most national water delivery companies.


Standard Coolers

Standard Hot/Cold Cooler

Standard Room/Cold Coolers
Standard Room/Cold Cooler
$250.00 - or
$10 per month for 30 months
  $230.00- or
$10 per month for 28 months
$150.00 - or
$10 per month for 18 months

Standard Crocks

Grapes - Top Border

Plain Crock

Blue Stripe

Ivy - Top Border

$70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00
 You may order other patterns and designs      

Wes Treleaven
Mount Doug Springs

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