About Mount Doug Springs Bottled Water Delivery

Wes Treleaven       Owner/Operator

The founder, and owner of Mt Doug Springs company is Wes Treleaven.  Wes first moved to Victoria in 1975.  Shortly after coming to Victoria, Wes spotted the property where Mount Doug Springs would eventually get its start. Wes's dream to live there someday became a reality in 1998.  Family and friends appreciated the beautiful, quiet, country setting. Wes, always an innovator, began thinking of ways to produce a service or product in keeping with the healthy environment  of the neighborhood.

The name and the idea of providing fresh pure drinking water came from natural springs located on the west slope of Mount Douglas.  After researching the regulations for bottling natural source water for drinking, it did not prove to be feasible to use the spring water at this time. Wes was determined to begin a cottage industry providing great-tasting, purified drinking water to friends and neighbors.

Move forward to 2021. With over 1100 bottled water delivery customers in Greater Victoria, BC. Wes has now taken the company to the next stage of business development. With quantities in the 1000's of bottles being delivered each month, the days of a one man operation have come to an end. Not only is Mount Doug Springs growing out its employees, the plant has relocated to View Royal and the Ultimate Water Store. With Mount Doug Springs now in its 21st year delivering throughout greater Victoria and the Ultimate Water Store retail filling station, more customers than ever are enjoying the freshest tasting water around! 

The Ultimate Water Store 104-1505 Admirals Road Victoria, BC V9A 2P8 Store hours 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

 In keeping with the strong belief of FRESH quality filtered water, we are now bottling the evening before delivery for our clients. This ensures that you receive the absolute freshest bottled water possible delivered to your door each day.

The Mount Doug Springs Team: Here to serve you!

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Wes Treleaven
Mount Doug Springs
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