Bottled Water Coolers and Crocks

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Standard Coolers

Bottom Loading Hot/Cold Cooler

Standard Hot/Cold Cooler


  Standard Room/Cold Cooler
$340.00 - or
$18 per month
 $250.00 - or
$15 per month

$150.00 - or
$10 per month


Cooler models may vary. Please call or email for a detailed description of available models.


Standard Crocks

Grapes - Top Border

Plain Crock

Blue Stripe

Ivy - Top Border

$70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00
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Water Leak Detector


Top loading coolers and crocks run a small risk of leaking if loaded with a damaged bottle; be proactive instead of reactive! This water leak detector sounds a loud alarm upon contact with water. Works on Carpet, Hardwood, all types of floor!  Comes pre-tested and with battery installed. Pick up in store or add to your next delivery.

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